Coda and the NHTSA recall 78 of the Coda Sedans

Grey Coda Sedan passenger side view while driving down road

Coda Automotive is recalling 78 of its Sedan models for what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says may have been improper installation of the side curtain airbags in the electric vehicles.

NHTSA said the Coda Sedan’s side airbags may not deploy in an accident as they should and that the automaker will notify the Sedan owners of the issue. Coda Automotive dealers will be responsible for the airbag inspections.

NHTSA added that there are no known injuries stemming from the faulty airbags.

Coda Automotive sold the first production Sedan EV back in March of this year. They haven’t released any sales data to date, but this recall indicates that at least 78 Coda Sedan electric vehicles were sold – there may be more out there that weren’t affected by the faulty airbags.

View the official Coda Sedan recall on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website:

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