Coda Experience Center

Way back in April of 2011, Coda Automotive released images of it’s experience center. It’s new store was going to be located in Westfield Century City in LA California and Coda planned to launch it in July 2011. The store was going to have an electric vehicle bar with an interactive learning display, a technology display that featured displays of the Coda Sedan technology, a test drive counter where customers could sign up for drives, and a test drive center in the parking garage below where customers could actually test drive the Coda Sedan. The Coda Experience center was said to be largely about education in order to help customers understand the differences between electric vehicles and gas vehicles and determine if a Coda Sedan made sense for them.

Coda Experience Center store front

Coda Experience Center

In September of 2011, Coda Automotive opened it’s first experience center in LA California. Coda Automotive announced the opening, saying they wanted to “open dialogue between consumers, provide a stress free purchase experience and ultimately accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.”

Staying consistent with Coda Automotive’s brand image of being a green company, the Coda store features eco friendly building materials such as salvaged wood, energy efficient lighting, neutral concrete flooring and recycled stainless steel.

Located in the parking garage below the Coda Experience center, Coda’s test drive center offers customers an opportunity to take a Coda Sedan for a test drive. Drivers can also learn how to use an electric vehicle charger at one of the six parking spaces with dedicated EV chargers.

The Coda Sedan EV is a four door, five passenger all electric vehicle that delivers the utility of a modern sedan. The Coda Sedan electric vehicle has the largest trunk in its class and the flexibility of a 60/40 fold down rear seat.

New Coda Store

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