Coda partners with Great Wall

Coda Automotive and Great Wall Auto

Coda Automotive has partnered with Great Wall Motors in an effort to lower the price tag of the Coda Sedan in the near future.

At the Beijing International Auto Show, Coda Automotive signed contracts with Great Wall Motors. The plan is to combine the strengths of both companies to develop a vehicle for North America, China, and Europe that would be a lower price than any other EV on the market. Their aim is for future Coda Sedan electric vehicles to compete with entry level gasoline powered vehicles on the market.

Coda brings their electric drive-train development experience and an entrance to the US Market. Great Wall Auto has chassis development experience and mass-production capability. Last year, Great Wall Auto sold 500,000 units last year in China and is the fasted growing automaker in China. Great Wall Auto is also the only Chinese company that is exporting vehicles to Europe.

No word of when the new Coda electric vehicles will hit the market, but it will surely be several years.

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