Coda Sedan EV will be in dealerships this week

Coda Automotive has had a few problems with delays, and most recently, some issues with damaged parts it received from China. With those parts repaired, Coda is announcing that the Coda Sedan EV will be available for sale by the end of the week.

Coda’s 4 dealerships currently have the electric sedan available for test drives, but none of them have any Coda Sedans available to be purchased. Coda’s Los Angeles dealership is scheduled to receive its first 10 sedans for sale by midweek.

The Coda Sedan electric vehicle seats 5 adults,have an EPA-certified range of 88 miles, and has a base price of $38,145 including shipping.

Phil Murtaugh, Coda Automotive’s CEO, says “We have opted for slow production acceleration in order to ensure flawless execution at every step of our operating system[..]” Coda hopes to move forward smoothly, but slow enough that if problems are encountered they can be fixed before selling the vehicles to the public like Fisker did with the Karma. The Fisker Karma had 3 recall issues within months of it’s initial release.

2012 Coda Sedan forum

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