The Coda Sedan is available with 2 different capacity battery packs.

Starting price on the Coda Sedan base model is US $37,250 before any federal tax credits and other state and local incentives that may be available in your area. The Coda Sedan base model comes with a 31kWh battery pack that is rated by the EPA to have an official range of 88 miles. Coda says the Coda Sedan base model could get up to 125 miles on a single charge if driven under favorable conditions.

Coda Automotive offers the Coda Sedan with an optional 35 kWh battery pack. Coda says the extra capacity will deliver another 25 miles of driving range. Price on the extended range Coda Sedan is US $39,900. Production of the extended range Coda Sedan is scheduled to begin by mid 2012.

If you are interested in the Coda Sedan, you can pay $99 to reserve one on the Coda Automotive Website.

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