Coda Sedan sells to fleet

2012 Coda Sedan first fleet order

Coda Automotive recently announced it received it’s first fleet order. A division American Electric Power (AEP) in Ohio is the first fleet to order the Coda Electric Sedan. Coda Automotive CEO Bill Beasley clearly sees the future potentail with the new customer, saying “Not only does [AEP] provide electricity to millions of Americans, but their large fleet has many potential applications for electric vehicles, which could save their company money on rising fuel costs.” Coda Automotive sees the relationship as long lasting and is looking forward to helping AEP’s fleet become a leader in sustainability.

According to Coda Automotive, if a fleet adds just 1 Coda Electric Sedan they can save around $2,000 per year on fuel and maintenance costs.

AEP was impressed enough after sampling a Coda Sedan demonstrator last year that they chose to place an order. With the all-electric Coda Sedan having a range of 125 miles, it’s more suited to such fleet duties than other all-electric vehicles.

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