Coda will expand dealer network to 30 next year

Rear view of the Coda Sedan electric vehicle

Coda sold its first battery powered all electric sedan in March. Now, Coda Automotive is looking to expand its US dealership network to about 30 next year. Coda will add dealers in locales from Oregon to Florida next year as the company hopes to capture as much as 15% of the non luxury electric vehicle market in the US.

Coda has delivered about 100 cars since March, and they say they have orders for about 1000 more vehicles. The Coda Sedan has an EPA rated range of 88 miles which is higher than the Nissan Leaf by 15 miles.

Coda has raised $320 million in private funding to move forward with its efforts to build what it says would be the world’s least expensive mass-produced EV.

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