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PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:54 pm 

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I hope the following experience will help other Coda drivers avoid a serious software flaw in the Coda.

My Coda sedan wouldn't start one morning last week: the console flickered and then went dead. I knew that the main batteries had been about 85% charged the night before, but I was parked on the street, so it was not connected to the charger, and I was afraid I was dead in the water.

I called for a tow truck, and on a whim, had him connect his jump-start battery to my 12v battery in the trunk. The console lit up! I still had my 85% main battery charge! Then I noticed that the gear-shift knob was in Drive, not Park. I drove the Coda to a mechanic, who recharged the 12v battery for me.

Then, as an experiment, I stopped the car, left it in Drive, and took out the key. Sure enough, the Drive light continued to be lit even though the key was out. That meant it was continuing to draw power from the 12v battery, which is why it drained completely overnight.

This is obviously a serious software bug with the Coda, which will never get fixed now that they are out of business. So the moral is:


PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:13 pm 

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I'll check later, but I'm pretty sure I've accidentally left it in neutral and drive before and was unable to remove the key. I'll let you know!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:43 pm 

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I stand corrected! You're correct. Thanks for sharing!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:57 am 

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That is a good tip.
I have pulled my key out while leaving the gear selector in a state other than PARKed.
Although I did not leave it in that state for any length of time, I did experience difficulty starting my Coda.
Fortunately, I just had to turn the key on & move the selector to P, turn it off, wait a minute, and then it would go to READY, when I turned the key on again.

FYI: You did not need to take your battery to your mechanic to charge it.
It was probably fully charged by the time you arrived anyway.
It would certainly have had enough charge to start your Coda as often as you needed to.
It is primarily there to run your accessories.
It takes very little energy to start your Coda.

Once your Coda is in the READY state, it will charge a dead battery w/in 30-40 minutes.
You just have to leave the Coda in the READY state for it to do that.
The Coda charges the 12v battery from its EV battery pack.
Even if you don't drive the Coda for a while, it provides this function every few days to keep the 12v topped off.
The Coda does not have an alternator like an ICE car to charge the 12v battery, but it does have that huge battery pack.
This is detailed in the Owner's manual.

Of course, it will charge it if you are driving the Coda.
It does not take much energy to start an Electric Vehicle.
You're not powering a starter motor to turn over an ICE engine.

As long as you have enough energy to reach READY state, your Coda will fully charge your 12v battery rather quickly.

I have used my Coda to fully charge the battery out of my ICE Camry.
The battery would not hold a charge because I had left it connected, and not used for years.
I was using my Codas' batteries to jump start the Camry to move it on street sweeping days.
After fully charging the ICE battery in my Coda, the charge has been sufficient to start the Camry multiple times.
Now I just leave the ICE battery disconnected in the Camry until the next time I need to move it.

How did I do it?
I disconnected my Coda's battery cables & connected them to the dead battery.
There was not enough juice in the dead battery for the Coda to reach READY state.
I used my jumper cables to "jump" the dead battery from my Coda's battery, which was still in the car.
You just need to jump the dead battery long enough for the Coda to reach READY state.
Then I just left the Coda in READY state for 30 minutes.

The ICE battery had enough juice long before that to start the Coda, but probably not enough to start my ICE Camry.
I actually drove my Coda using the ICE battery for a couple of days before installing it in the Camry.
I'm not sure I needed to do that, but I didn't have to move the Camry for a few days, so I did.

As I stated before I have not had to charge the Camry's battery since, even though I am still not driving it.
Why would I? I have two Codas to drive.

Multi-Coda Owner
as of 10/2015 I own 15, 26, 54, 100 & 115 of 500, + 2 gliders
Yes, 7 Codas makes me the Coda King of the World :-)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:14 pm 

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Also contributing to this problem is the fact that there is a ground wire in the Coda that is connected to a painted surface. Thunderstruck Motors in Santa Rosa has been scraping the paint and re-affixing the ground wire on CODA's they service. I don't have any more details than that, but Brian Hall at Thunderstruck can help or answer questions (

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:56 am 

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I just had to turn the key on & move the selector to P :roll:

PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:25 pm 

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wiellwf wrote:
I just had to turn yoga with yoga burn key on & move the selector to P :roll:

i learned this the hard way then it started rolling down the road lol.

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